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Raising Young Missionaries

Not just BEING the best, but DOING your best.

The Dove Academy curriculum prepares children for their first mission field: School!

Rather than focusing on themselves and whether they are the best reader or fastest runner, kids are growing a heart for their peers and learning how to navigate real life situations by using the Fruit of the Spirit.

This 10-week study focuses on the call to share the good news of the gospel "as you go." Themed devotionals and supplemental activities help kids understand how to shine the light of Christ in their school and everywhere they go!

Dove Academy Curriculum:

10-week Study focusing on the Fruit of the Spirit

Extensive Parent Guide with Lesson Plans

Supplemental Activites

Sample Scenarios

Commissioning Service Guide

Foreword By: Sarah Ward

"When I quit working to stay home with my first baby ten years ago, I remember feeling as if what I was doing wasn’t “enough.” I often felt that I needed to do more and be more.

  Two more kids and many years later, God has taught me to embrace my role as a homeschool momma to three kids. Everything I do points my children back to Him, whether it’s apologizing and asking for grace or praying with them over a difficult situation.

It took me years to realize that my “mission field” was literally right in front of me (usually asking me for a snack), and at this stage in my life, nothing gives me greater joy than the job God has given me.

As my kids get older, I am beginning to see the fruit of the labor from studying God’s Word together, serving alongside them, and praying as a family.

            I believe being missional is a way of life. I am always looking for ways to serve in the community and I bring my kids right along with me. I love the way that Dove Academy points children and families to God and His Word first, then back to other people.

I am amazed by what children can soak up, and I believe the Scripture verses and copy pages will be a great resource for children of all ages. I also love that children are taught to look for the fruit of the Spirit in the lives of those around them. 

As they learn about their kind, patient, loving Father they are looking around at His people to find Him in them. 

I hope and pray that as each parent walks through this curriculum with their children they remember Isaiah 55:11, which tells us that God’s Word will not return void.

This work is meaningful and will last into eternity.

I pray the seeds of faith, love, and service that are being planted now will change generations to come."

Sarah is a mother of three living in Mississippi with her husband Pat. 

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