Gospel-centered Christmas

Not just being good, but doing good.

Each Christmas Dove Pack contains simple, inexpensive acts of kindness that kids enjoy and that open the door for conversations about giving, having compassion, being thankful, and most importantly, tying it all back to Jesus.

Rather than focusing on themselves and whether they are on a Naughty or Nice List, kids are growing a heart for their community and training their eyes to truly see the vulnerable around them.

I've struggled with striking the right balance of fun and faith during the holiday season. The Christmas Dove easily brings the two together."

Heather S.

Each devotional ties in that day's act of kindness and always points to Christ. I'm so happy to share this with my kids.

Amanda C.

I am so impressed by the quality of everything in the Christmas Dove Pack. The fabric dove is gorgeous and even the report cards are nice. I can't wait to read the devotional book with my girls.

Lindsey H.

This is exactly what I've been looking for! I'm so excited to start this new family tradition!

Laurette W.

Included in each Christmas Dove pack:

fabric dove

daily dove reports

complete supply list

helpful parent guide

beautifully illustrated devotional book written by a seminary-trained author.

Christmas Dove Community

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