2019 WORD

After a long adoption process in 2013, I had what I always wanted: a baby. Yet, I still found myself wanting more. And it upset me that I couldn't just be happy with what I had. 

Tired of feeling guilty for not being grateful, I decided to focus on one word for the year 2015: CONTENTMENT. 

I wrote in my prayer journal the following prayer:

"Help me to be content in all things. Please let me get pregnant or have another adoption go through."

Little did I know that we would adopt our son the next month and then find out two days later that we were also pregnant. 

Focusing on being content helped me get through many challenges that year. In 2016 I chose the word GIVE because I am naturally a very stingy person. So to help with that, I focused on giving whatever I could, whenever I could. If I was in the position to give, then I would. Food, clothes, TIME, money, even stored breastmilk..... I gave and gave and gave. And it was good for me. 

The next year my word was STEWARDSHIP. To be honest, I lost track of this one. 2017 was a year of so many changes- we moved 5 states away, we had baby #4, I started the Christmas Dove business. Life was a little wonkadoodle. 

This past year, my word was SURVIVAL, and I'm still here, so it worked out haha.

Which brings us to 2019! I'm mulling over a few WORDS, but haven't completely settled just yet. 

Thinking about focusing on one word for 2019? Check out oneword365.com for tips and help on choosing your word, and share with us at the Christmas Dove Community group page what you choose!



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