January Prayer Focus: HOMELESS

It's embarrassing to admit how little I used to care about fellow human beings with no homes. I would *momentarily* feel bad for a homeless person I saw begging on a street corner, but I forgot about them the moment the light turned green. 

Then almost four years ago, a homeless woman completely changed my life. Even though we never met, she gave me the most beautiful gift. He has the longest eyelashes, the most tender heart, he says the funniest things, and he begs for me to snuggle him every night as he falls asleep. He loves monster trucks, space, and football, and I love HIM and the way God has used him to shatter my perspective on just about everything. 

Every time it rains really hard, I think about her and hope she's somewhere dry and safe.

Every time my son accomplishes something, I pray that she somehow has peace that he's doing fine. 

And every time I see a homeless person begging on a street corner, I think about HER and hope a fellow stranger is showing her a kindness. 

This month, those of us with Dove Prayer Calendars will be praying through the prompts focusing on the men, women, and children in our communities, country, and worldwide who have no home. Those who sleep on the street or in shelters or on a friend's couch or crammed into their beat up family car. 

Throughout January, I'll be sharing links that give tips and other insights into the plight of homelessness. And if you have knowledge in this area, please share! 

If nothing else, please say a prayer alongside me for "B", a fellow child of God. 


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