Rejoicing in a Weary World

Welp, here we are at the Finish Line of Christmas!

That feels kind of icky to write about Christmas Eve like that, but..... I know many of you exhausted mamas and daddies feel the same way!

We have bought all the gifts; we have wrapped all the gifts.

We have supervised sugar cookie decorating; we have developed tennis elbow from scrubbing hardened powdered sugar off our kitchen counters. 

We have hung ornaments on the tree; we have swept up broken ornaments off the floor.

We have attended school Christmas programs. We have read The Grinch. We have plopped screaming children onto Santa's lap. We have cooked Christmas Dinner. We have driven a million miles for family get-togethers. We have thanked the Radio Heavens that Christmas Shoes was hardly played. 

The day to day grind of raising kids is tricky as it is, and then adding in all the extra..... well, it feels overwhelming. 

I try really really really hard throughout the holiday season to emphasize the tenants of our faith and to give my children opportunities to show kindness to all types of people in our community. 

To be honest, that can be the most overwhelming part. 

Because every December, I basically force my kids to focus on loving others more than themselves. Loving homeless people. Loving Walmart employees. Loving teachers. Loving the impoverished. Loving orphans. Loving fire fighters. Loving single mothers. Loving the elderly. The list goes on and on, but essentially, loving our neighbors. 

There is such need all around us, and I want my kids to see it and recognize it and be broken over it and be restless about it. 

Enjoying all the holiday festivities is a ton of fun, but it definitely makes me worn slap out. 

Being cognizant of the abundant need all around me is a vital part of my journey as a Christ-follower, but it makes me so weary. 

Weary because I want to make everything better, but I can't. Weary because I want my kids to be constantly developing their compassion muscle, all-the-while knowing that try as they may, they won't be able to solve it all themselves.

But we are reminded of the Savior, born to us, for us. 

A King born to serve. One who will never grow weary. 

A Savior who sees the vulnerability in every single one of us and isn't overwhelmed by our sinfulness. 

We rejoice because although we can't make everything better, we know the One who can.

Elohim-Yachal, God of Hope. 



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