2018 Pre-Order Information

***UPDATE***  Extras were purchased and this website is tracking available inventory. Once the extras are gone, you will still have the option of getting on the waitlist. Waitlisted orders will arrive after December 1. Thank you!!

Christmas Dove Packs and Dove Prayer Calendars are now available for pre-order!

What is Christmas Dove?: Christmas Dove Packs are a faith-based,  service-oriented project for families to do together during the holidays. The Christmas Dove finds people in your community who could use some help or encouragement and suggests a solution or act of kindness for your kids to do. The correlating devotional book ties it all back to Jesus. Christmas Dove helps train your child’s heart to see the vulnerable around them and work to make things better by not just being good during the holidays but doing good!

Dove Prayer Calendars build on the momentum of Christmas Dove by focusing on a people group each month of the year and praying through the daily prayer prompts. 

Why I use a pre-order system: I only buy supplies according to the number of orders received. I take pre-orders in September each year, purchase supplies and assemble packs in October, and package shipments in November. 

All Christmas Dove Packs will ship out in early November 2018 via USPS.

Dove Prayer Calendars will ship out early December 2018 via USPS. 

2018 Pre-Order Dates:

| Christmas Dove Packs | September 1, 2018- October 1, 2018

| Dove Prayer Calendar | September 1, 2018- October 1, 2018

Shipping Dates:

Early November 2018 (Packs)

Early December (Calendars)