Christmas Dove Pack

Christmas Dove Packs have everything families need to encourage giving, helping, and loving others during the holiday season.

As the story goes, each night leading up to Christmas, your Christmas Dove flies around  the community looking for people who might need help, encouragement, or just a little cheer!

In the morning, kids wake up to the Dove's report and a suggestion for making things better. All acts of kindness are simple and inexpensive. They were tested on my kids who at the time were 3, 2, and 1. Parents can change it up however best suits their family.

There is a Dove Report for each day and it comes in a convenient bag for safe-keeping.

Included in the Christmas Dove Pack is a Parent Guide and Supply List. One of my goals is to make this SO EASY for parents. Everyday life is busy and the Holiday Season is crazy. I know firsthand about the desire to do meaningful things with my kids at Christmas and how challenging it can be with all that is already going on. The Christmas Dove Pack totally takes all of this into consideration by including the Parent Guide and Supply List.

The Parent Guide breaks each day down with a reminder of the act of kindness for that day, supplies needed, and helpful tips for that particular day. Parents can pick and choose which act of kindness to plan for each day based on their schedule. If one days is already looking busy, they can plan for an act of kindness that is less time-consuming. Many families choose to participate in the 12 days leading up to Christmas, while others do weekdays and skip weekends. It truly is a flexible system.

Perhaps the best part about the Christmas Dove Pack is the corresponding devotional which intentionally ties in each day's act of kindness with a devotion pointing it all back to Jesus.

Written by seminary-trained Christian Counselor, Molly Hopper and beautifully illustrated by Mitchell Walters, this devotional brilliantly helps kids grow a heart for the Lord and trains their eyes to see people how He sees them, as His beloved children.

Each Christmas Dove Pack contains:

-a gorgeous handmade fabric dove with clip to attach to your Christmas Tree

-pack of Daily Dove Reports

-Parent Guide

-Supply List

-beautifully illustrated hardback Devotional book