Our Story

This crazy journey all started several years ago when I hodge-podged some ideas together one night about how to balance faith and fun at Christmas and dove in head first with my kids the next morning.

This late-night brainstorm became Christmas Dove and my then three year old, two year old, and one year old loved it! My local friends started participating with us, and I started to wonder if Christmas Dove might be great for other families too. (Read the complete Christmas Dove story here)

We launched this initial project in 2017, you know, one week after I delivered our fourth child by C-section. So clearly I am insane. But this little "project that could" sold over 400 units that first year and showed me that I wasn't the only parent looking for ways to instill the gospel into my young children while still letting them have some childhood magic. 

In 2018 we introduced the Dove Prayer Calendar, and I still get a little emotional every night listening to my kiddos pray for the hard stuff- for orphans, the homeless, elderly, our neighbors.....  In 2019, we'll be offering these same prayer prompts but in a convenient, journal size paperback. (Read more about the Dove Prayer Calendar here)

In Spring of 2019 we're launching Dove Academy and despite the pride I have in Christmas Dove, the focus of this curriculum is stand alone one of the best tools I've seen for Christian parents. Shepherding our children toward Christ and onto the mission field is such a worthy task. This 10-week study has proven to be so absolutely instrumental in my oldest child's faith. I highly recommend it to parents who are seeking ways to be intentional about pointing their kids toward the gospel. (Read more about how Dove Academy came to be here)

So the website is called Christmas Dove, but it's so much more than that. It's a community now, helping each other raise gospel-centered kids in a messy, messy world. We have much more in the works. Thank you for being a part of it!